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General Systems Development in Westport, Connecticut, offers a learning management system inspired by the General Systems Theory. This theory is especially useful for institutions looking for ways to enhance their management and organization.
Early Issues
Several companies and organizations proposed solutions for management and structural problems, but their suggestions were ineffective due to one thing: "all the pieces don't fit together." Studies showed that homogeneous classes usually cause social stratification and increased parent and political pressure instead of narrowing the gap between top-performing students and those relegated to the "bottom group."


Maintain the Integrity of Your Vessel

From rudders and struts to propellers, find everything you need to outfit your classic boat with the underwater parts, instruments, and hardware Chris-Crafts-Parts.com of Cottrellville, Michigan, has to offer for your classic boat. Don't wait and take advantage of our wholesale and retail pricing options today.

Engine Parts

Underwater Parts Available

Rudders - Struts - Propellers - Shaft Logs - Shaft Couplings - Propeller Shafts - Through-Hull Fittings

Hardware & Instruments

Vents - Scoops - Steering Wheels - Lights - Exhaust Rings - Stern Pole Kits - Burgees - Instruments - Bow Poles - Step Pads - Frames

Before You Buy

Please keep in mind there will be a few things you need to know before ordering struts for your boat. Be sure to have the following information handy:

Size of Prop (RH or LH) - Length and Diameter of Shaft - Casting Number of Old Strut (If Possible)

Engine serial number, casting off old parts.